Welcome to the Hawaii Spiritual Development Center of Sukyo Mahikari. A Spiritual Development Center is a place where all are welcome to receive light energy, a positive, spiritual energy that purifies and revitalizes the spirit, mind and body. Additionally, one can learn more about the universal principles in order to grow personally and spiritually.

Throughout the year, the Hawaii Center hosts a variety of activities to serve the community, such as Park Clean up.  The center hosts a wide variety of activities; including beginner- and intermediate-level Spiritual Development Courses and conferences. Please visit our calendar or announcements pages to find out about upcoming activities.

About Sukyo Mahikari
Sukyo Mahikari Centers for Spiritual Development is a nonprofit spiritual and community service organization that teaches the transmission of light energy that purifies the spiritual aspect of people and all things.

Please feel free to explore this site to learn more about the Los Angeles Center and its activities. For additional information about Sukyo Mahikari, you can also visit the regional website for North America.

For more information on the purpose, history and practices of Sukyo Mahikari, we recommend that you read the book God's Light and Universal Principles or All Humanity

Entrance to Eaton Square